Forum Community Guidelines (Code of Conduct)

Community Guidelines - Code of Conduct

Welcome to the æcosystem!

The æternity Forum is a powerful platform, not only because members can discuss development within æternity and the blockchain industry as a whole. It’s also a place where members can potentially form teams to build their very own projects on æternity! Members can leverage æternity’s different communication channels to access a network of like-minded global professionals and enthusiasts.

In short, the æcosystem is a breeding ground for both discussion and collaboration.

Much like any digital platform for discussions, rules are necessary to keep order and civility within the community. This Code of Conduct and list of Prohibited Behaviour and Activities was created to help guide members on what is considered acceptable behavior when interacting with the community, along with the corresponding penalties for violations.

This Code of Conduct must be followed by all members at all times. Community managers moderate the forums and channels, and enforce rules as well as impose penalties in cases of violation. The terms stated here also apply to private conversations with community members.

By engaging and participating in æternity communication channels, it is assumed that you agree to the terms below and understand that if they are not upheld, you may be banned from the channels or restricted form using them for either a limited or indefinite period of time.

For any issues or questions, here is a list of the moderators’ names so you can contact them directly:

@albena.chain – Community Manager

@erik.chain – æmbassador Program Manager

@Markaeternity.chain - Chinese Community Manager

@vanessa.chain - Spanish Community Manager

I. Code of Conduct

1. Keep the channels friendly and welcoming

æternity is all about inclusion. The æcosystem is a place that is open and welcomes all. This applies even to beginners who may be asking basic questions.

2. Please post in the right category

This helps keep some order in the Forum and helps users find what they’re looking for easily. Similarly, please post in each Forum category according to its dedicated language. If you need any help with that, contact the moderators.

3. Protect yourself

Be careful when clicking links to third-party content. Be wary of potential phishing attacks. Also, do not divulge personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, etc. that could potentially be used to harm you. And although this may be obvious for some, we want to remind everyone that your private keys or even the email addresses you use for your exchange accounts or wallets should NEVER BE SHARED to anyone, especially in public channels. Similarly, do not disclose other people’s personal information as well.

4. Do not engage in insults, profanity, or any form of abusive language

Discussions and debates are very welcome—they are the primary reasons for forums in the first place. But discourses must be done in a healthy manner.

Refrain from any inappropriate behavior. This includes but is not limited to all kinds of ad hominem and personal attacks, threats of violence, posting people’s private information or any other aggressive language.

5. Do not spam the channels

Spamming and drive-by posting will result in direct banning. This includes but is not limited to sharing information about trading groups, suggesting any type of market manipulation and any other similar schemes. Please avoid duplicate/recurrent posts/memes/images that could be interpreted as spamming.

6. Title your posts properly

Do not use misleading titles/links or clickbait.

7. Use only one account

Creating multiple accounts on the same communication platform is considered a violation of the rules.

8. Price discussions are not welcome

Keep price discussions, discussions about exchanges, market talk, and anything under this category outside. You can find plenty of trading-focused channels online, but this is not the right place for it.

9. Duplicating threads

Posting a thread that has already been covered, although not as harmful as the rest of the violations on this list, is discouraged. Moderators will merge your post into the older post that is similar or closely related.

10. Introduce yourself and enjoy the discussions

We are here to learn more about the project and make it a success. Keep that in mind. That being said, it would be lovely if you can tell us a bit about yourself by creating a post on the Introduce Yourself category so we can give you a warm welcome!

Prohibited Behaviour and Activities

1. Abusive, derogatory, discriminatory, or any inappropriate language

Such comments or posts include racial/ethnic slurs, sexist remarks, harassment, threats, defamation, obscene/vulgar, insulting, or derogatory language. Racially insensitive, sexist, derogatory remarks against minorities or similar abuses will not be tolerated. Sending other members harassing messages, or persistently sending messages when they have clearly told you to stop, are also violations.

Penalty: Warning on the first offense; two-week suspension on the second; ban on the third.

2. Doxxing

Threats made to other community members will be taken seriously. Inciting violence against a certain person, group, or company is a severe violation. Distribution of real-life personal information such as home or work addresses, phone numbers, etc. that may be used to harm someone is a serious offense not just against the community but against the law as well.

Penalty: Immediate ban. Your account will be automatically deleted to protect the community.

3. Illegal substances and other activities

Using the forum or any of æternity’s communication channels to conduct illegal activities, such as plans for terrorist activities, money laundering, trafficking, or selling drugs or any black market items is not allowed.

Promoting, coordinating, or recruiting users to join pump and dump schemes or any other form of market manipulation is also strictly prohibited.

Penalty: Immediate ban. Your account will be automatically deleted to protect the community.

4. Preying on other community members

Posting or sending malicious programs, websites, phishing or any type of scams is strictly banned.

Penalty: Immediate ban. Your account will be automatically deleted to protect the community.

5. Spamming

Posting links to Ponzi schemes, ICOs, or other tokens with the purpose of shilling.
Penalty: Warning on the first offense; two-week suspension on the second; ban on the third.

6. Trolling, inciting fights

Posting comments intended to spark outrage and fights is immature and severely frowned upon.

Penalty: Warning on the first offense; two-week suspension on the second; ban on the third.

7. Repetitive false reports against other users

False reports made against other users will backfire against you. Only report users when there are actual violations.

Penalty: Warning on the first offense; two-week suspension on the second; ban on the third.

You’re good to go. Thank you for reading and enjoy the æcosystem! We wish you a great time, enlightening discussions and happy hacking on the next generation of decentralized applications!