From Argentina to æternity!

Hi there!

I am Horacio, from Córdoba, ARGentina, and with other aeternity enthusiasts are planning our first Aeternity meeting. It will be, surely, 30 august. I got into btc a couple of years ago, and then started to mine eth. And then I bought AE in the contribution campaing 2nd phase. Since then I’ve been following the project, waiting with enthusiasm for the mainnet launch.

Now, I would like to ask some question related to the possibility of develop new projects and aepps within the aeternity ecosystem, as well as the viability of implementing aeternity use. Specifically:

  1. I know people who is interested about including aeternity as a payment method: is this possible today? Should we wait to mainnet launch?

  2. Let’s suppose that a bar implements aeternity payments. The only way to get aeternity for consumers will be buying tokens? Is there any plan to distribute tokens to people who don’t have tokens yet? For instante: if you install a wallet in your phone you’ll have a beer in the bars who accepts ae…

  3. Again, suppose someone one to implement a smart contract system, or that an environmental organization wants to oraclize the information collected from world (there is a great mesasage about possible uses of Aeternity here: Introduction to æternity for business professionals - #5 by lukaskywalker.chain - Meetups and Hæckathons - æforum). And suppose that this organization wants to find a solution into the aeternity ecosystem: Aeternity community can support the project with developers? or it has financial aids? Wich kind of strategy has Aeternity community?

I think it’s enough for now! Hope to find some answers and ideas to make a valuable meet up!


Hey @Horacio,

Thank you very much for your message, nice to have you here!

We’ve forwarded your questions and either our dev team, or Erik who is responsible for our Æmbassadors will get back to you.

Best regards,
The AE Team


Hola, wey. Both me and Erik also speak Spanish. Bienvenido hermano! @erik.chain!

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Great! Many argentinians, as me, are not used to talk in english. It will be helpful to future dialogues between Aeternity and my local community! Gracias por la bienvenida!


hola horacio. yo estoy en buenos aires. el meet lo estan organizando en cordoba??

Hola Cristian! Así es, en Cba. Estamos esperando el flyer y la confirmación del lugar (pedimos un aula de la UNC pero estamos a la espera de respuesta). Si estás en Cba el 30 de agosto o en cualquier otra fecha podemos reunirnos!


bueno cuando tengas el flyer compartilo si puedo paso por ahi y participo. gracias!!!

Hello friends!! Im from Rosario.
Soy de Rosario, también me sumo, no tienen grupo de WhatsApp o telegram?

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Apuntate aquí por favor :slight_smile:

No tenemos uno, pero sería una buena idea!
Podés enviarme tu teléfono por mensaje y te agrego apenas lo hagamos!

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Avisenme brothers; taggenos cuando hagan eventos!

Instagram: @aeternity.blockchain & @julioalexohg

Ya tuvimos el primer evento en Córdoba la semana pasada :slight_smile:

Hola Julio! Vos estás viviendo en Argentina?
Te avisaré del próximo meet up. A vos y a Cristian!
En octubre seguro haremos algo abierto, y mientras tanto estaré tratando de reunirme con actores particulares.
Si andás por Cba por favor avisame y aprovechamos para charlar un poco!