Game is over! It's time to return to life!

Binance removes ae/btc trading pair.

I will be responsible for my investment behavior and hope you have a better tomorrow!

Good luck everyone.
And good bye.

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Who is Binance?!!
If Binance wants to make decision for crypto world , I prefer to sell all my crypto coins ASAP.
Binance must delist their nonsense BNB coin first. their useless coin worth near 5 billion dollar. can you believe that?! If they care about Crypto they must destroy that first.
If we credit one or two exchanges this much, we have to say goodbye to Crypto world.
I have bad news for you, in near future all government will announce Crypto world illegal .The reason is very clear. with Crypto world they will lose their control over Monetary economy .
with this kind of reaction, I think when that day come, you will suicide
many other big exchanges are exist,we must support project and ask developers trying to list AE on another big exchange, and we must help them in this way
We don’t need negativity .
I ask all community stay behind project and I ask developers to help community with a good news .

@vlad.chain @aelex @hanssv.chain @uwigeroferlang.chain @lydia @philipp.chain @nikitafuchs.chain @milenradkov.chain @erik.chain

Merry Christmas everybody.
best wishes in new year



Merry Christmas @Zaman!! Completely agree with you!! Thanks for the positivism you bring !!that is the only way to build something meaningful!

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look at the price of AE today, like a shit!


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pity…the best blockchain software in the world…and its worthless