Get all transactions for an account

I´m trying with both the JS and Go SDK to get all transactions for a particular account, however that doesn’t seem to be as trivial as I expected it to be.

How can I get all transactions of a particular account with these SDKs?

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Never played around before yet. But in my opinion it would be best to fetch such data from the middleware.

I don’t know whether the SDKs you mention provide fetching data from the middleware.

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The Go SDK for sure doesn’t have that, however since to Go SDK is now community maintained I already wanted to start contributing, so this sounds like a nice first task for me.

if it is desired to integrate functionality to fetch data from middleware you/we should know about the development of the new middleware-plugin.

as far as I am informed right the current middleware won’t further developed. instead there will be a new one released. and I don’t know whether there will be breaking changes in the API. I would also like to see an OpenAPI specification for the API there. this is sth. missing for the current middleware.

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