Getting Hyperchains node and delegate dashboard in two clicks

Hi there !!

Next Thursday 25th there is a workshop on how to deploy any node or dapp to be installable in two clicks for the DappNode users base (more than 13k downloads in github) and an estimated user base of 2k people which are running their own infrastructure.

I think it should be part of our core messaging to advocate for self hosting or at least no hosting in giant VPS, but for this we should give some tools so people with low tech background can support the network.

There is also another advantage as interfaces are deployed in IPFS and are only accesible connected via VPN to the DAppNode built-in VPN server , which has an internal DNS that solves addresses such as https://hyperchains.public.dappnode .

If needed, I would be glad to do a short live demo about the possibilities that this FOSS software offers us and its applications for hyperchains node but also for superhero, installing oracle templates, run butler to add liquidity in Jellyswap…

This are some screenshots of the DAppStore and a screenshot of the installation of a Kusama node and dashboard.

Any thoughts on this @yani.chain @gorbak25 @milenradkov.chain @philipp.chain @ae-omar @nikitafuchs.chain @aniputapet.chain ?


If this is like an appstore for blockchain nodes, we should be part of it.


Exactly!!! If you wanna try out I can generate some VPN admin credentials so you can access mine and play around

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you developed dashboard for HC delegate?

Going even further people should be able to get 300 USD boxes while:

  • Building the validators network as much decentralized as possible and bottom up from the very beginning
  • Advocating for self hosting of secure and private infrastructure making it easy for the average Joe.

I think it is feasible and it is a partnership that will resonate a lot in the eth community.