Githubusercontent swagger is not working?


Hey all, when I open that page I’m getting that error:

Resolver error at paths./micro-blocks/hash/{hash}/header.get.responses.200.schema.$ref
Could not resolve reference because of: Could not resolve pointer: /definitions/ does not exist in document


Hey @lcsavov,

Thank you for spotting this.
We’ve forwarded it to our dev team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The AE Team


Hi @lcsavov

Thanks for spotting this.
As you probably know - there is a huge ongoing effort for adopting the NG consesus. We already have the MVP of it merged in our master. This had been a great success but it consumed the time of almost all our team members for achieving it. The results is that HTTP APIs are lacking behind and this is being addressed at the moment.

The fix for the swagger docs is not yet merged into master but it soon will be. You can take a peek of it here

Dimitar Ivanov,
AE core team member