Global AEternity Block Chain Bank


I would like to get some feedback form the AEternity Community in respect of my plans to build a global crypto bank based on the AE Block chain, which is of course perfect for micro financing in poorer countries,s fast transaction speeds and global scalability.

The plan is to creating a banking institution for all not just the few and to offer traditional banking services from a smartphone anywhere in the world, whether you are a pauper or a prince all will have equal access to this bank, to finance and to secure savings for the future.

The time to overall the global banking system is now, please check out

Look forward in hearing from you


Very supportive of your ideas, good ideas are half the battle.I wish you success!
There is a huge gap between traditional banks entering the blockchain industry. Because the volatility of digital currencies is too high, banks must have a stable currency exchange system similar to Tether to ensure the bank’s net assets. So I suggest building a stable exchange system first is your primary goal.

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Thank you so much for the kind words and support, in terms of stable exchange am looking at some options here. Stability is of course the fundemental part of a crypto bank. If you have any further ideas I would be most grateful for any ideas you may have.

Hello @123CryptoBank,

Thank you for sharing that here - this is the right place to get feedback and support.

Please give more information about your project and what stage of development are you on?


My friend, I am not a financial professional, so I ca n’t give you too much financial advice. I ’ll draw you a project development idea based on AE. Hope it helps you.

I think this is in line with your bank’s development direction.

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I think you should use the AENS name of cryptobank.chain

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Hello thank you for your comment please could you elaborate what you mean by AENS Name. Soory not the best at thes e acronyms. Thanks you what are your thoughts on the idea?

Thank you so much for this chart it is something which helps me to put the entire proposla together.

I would love for more of your help and insight into the AE clock chain and how you feel this can help with this project.

Hello @123CryptoBank,

AENS is short for æternity’s user-friendly Naming System - learn more about it in the thread below:

That is a very interesting idea, just wondering what other thoughts and ideas you would like to see with this bank platform. please check out my twitter page at @123cryptobank1

Thank you