Governance and money systems: join the discussion tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s episode of Superhero League is a particularly special one.

æternity founder @yani.chain, æternity dev @philipp.chain, along with long-time community members @Kryztoval and @Josh.chain will be discussing how governance should work in æternity. All community members are encouraged to participate in this conversation—yes, you!

Prior to this, Philipp Piwowarsky will be presenting a technical overview of the Governance æpp—a tool intended to facilitate future governance votes on the network. We will also dive into how money shapes governance models—and how this can be reinvented. Join Franz Josef Allmeyer (SEEDS), Gustavo Segovia (blockchain4humanity), and Alejandro Sewrjugin (Phi Economy) in this discussion.

Your inputs are valuable in analyzing and pondering not only the current governance mechanisms both in the blockchain universe and in the real-world—why they do or don’t work. Your insights are also very much needed in starting to shape governance in æternity—the mechanics and their implications for the long-term future of decentralized governance in the ecosystem.

See you tomorrow at the Superhero League!


Looking forward to hearing the discussions!