Graduate Interns meetup in Lafia

We had a meetup with a group of university graduate who are doing a mandatory internship for year in Lafia. We planned for 50 participants but we had 136 people. The meetup was centered on Starfleet and how they can be a part of Starfleet and have their startups funded by aeternity. Gave some highlights about blockchain and aeternity and how we are trying to solve scalability on the blockchain using state channel. A majority of them just heard about aeternity and how the blockchain works. We had some discussions around some use cases of Land titles and how we can get this started immediately. Also, there was a use case we looked on car/automobile dealers registering items on the blockchain for easy tracking in terms of theft or missing.

I was able to refer them to to learn more and to those who are developers amongst them, I asked them to check the aeternity development course.

Here is the video: