Greetings from Manila - Cecille de Jesus

My name is Cecille and I’m absolutely happy to be part of the æternity community.

Spent the past years of my life working on communications for blockchain, as well as general science and tech (Futurism). But really, my background was in Fine Arts. Majority of my work background was in design and campaigns.

My interests outside of work

  • Art
  • Plants
  • Even more plants
  • Star gazing (if you’re gonna get me a gift, a telescope is most welcome, or a cello to play with)
  • Beach
  • Fishing–never done it, but want to give it a try to increase my survival rate in case of a zombie apocalypse

Other facts

  • I have 2 dogs and 6 cats–as all cat owners know, this was not by design. Once you get one cat, you attract even more cats whether you like it or not.

  • If you see me behind the wheel, keep a safe distance (it’s for your own good).

  • I like building things with my own hands. I even got an electric sewing machine to see what I can make: just pillow cases so far, and a one-armed robe. This is because I accidentally plugged the machine into a 220 socket (it’s a 110) before I could attach the other arm. My brother says it’s a lost cause.

  • I once accidentally “roofied” myself by drinking alcohol right after taking allergy and cough medication. Don’t ever do this.

Other than that, I’m pretty chill by default. :purple_heart:


Wicked sense of humour, luv it


piacere di conoscerti

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Hey @thepostman Nice to meet you too :slight_smile: Please try to stick to English.