Hackatons and Mentoring with "WhatTheHack" Ireland

Hey All , I recently have been asked to mentor at an upcoming hackaton,
"What The Hack is teaming up with lead sponsor Microsoft and others for a virtual hackathon investigating how blockchain technology can be used to address global food supply and distribution.

This hackathon brings teams from different areas of expertise to understand, research, and find ways to implement blockchain technology to address food shortage and distribution on a global scale."

Here is a link my linking post about it and also a link to the site of the team .
We are hoping to partner for another up coming event in Oct

@erik.chain maybe you could help with setting this up?



Hey Guys I attended the 3 days of the Hackathon , It was a great event and there was some great people involved , I mentored my team yesterday, I went through aeternity and we concepted where they could use if they were successful , I helped today with their pitch ,

All and all good event ,


Great to hear this @Newocork22! Could you please give us more details about this event (# of participants/main questions/general feedback from participants) ? Was there some sort of recording or screenshots of the teams of the hackathon? I’d like to see especially the pitch of the team you mentored :slight_smile:

Regarding the upcoming event in October, let’s brainstorm this week about it.

Sure here’s some links from the event , a lot of the interactive stuff happened on Zoom so I dont have recording for those

Cillian Keynote and Robert Introduction

Lorry Keogh


Sorry can’t find the pitches, the team I mentored was VirtueChain, they didn’t make it to the tech stack in their presentation and had only formed for the the team this weekend, unfortunately they didmt place , their plan was to repurpose or resell food which was nearly wasted

Thanks for sharing these impressions from the hackathon with us @Newocork22. Please give us details on the number of participants and the general feedback from your team about æternity? Did they have any questions?

Hi Erik , sorry for the delay , Yes we there was plenty of questions about where to find out more info , how it would in practice etc, it was really a very good event