Hash-rate reporting


Block explorer http://www.aeknow.org/ claims a hashrate of 4.43 M Sols/s,
which is obviously bogus, as a 1080Ti finds a solution roughly every 10 seconds, and there are nowhere near 44 million GPUs mining AE.
The proper hash-rate unit is Graphs Per Second.

How many GPUs are estimated to be mining AE? I thought it was on the order of 100K?!


The data are directly spidered from the three big pools:beepool, f2pool and uupool.

The miner software such as HSPminer considers each caculation as a sol, that is 4-5sols /sec for 1080ti.

There is a different caculation between beepool and f2pool. I asked Jungle of beepool and confirmed the difference, that is, beepool’s hashrate=miner’s *10, and aeknow.org fixed the difference.


The estimation of ~100K 1080ti’s hashrate is reasonable.

There are some AMD cards too.


So, no bogus, just difference~high efficiency miner software defined the mining unit.


I notice this too, but since the software does not report or state solutions found per unit of time, the people creating the miners for their pools are using whatever measures they want.

This is why it is not as easy, but definitively not lies!


With the current difficulty the miners is doing ~7K solutions/second (where by solution I mean finding a 42-cycle) so the “hash-rate” is 350K Graphs/second.