Having an Aeternity Hub in my Region


Hello, Any one thought about having an aeternity hub and co-development space in thier regions, would be cool you know, could serve as a location for meetups, bootcamps and hackathons and other aeternity blockchain conferences.

What do you guys think…


Hey @success, that would be wonderful indeed!
Do you have any plans of doing something like that yourself? If yes, we would be glad to support you as much as we can :slight_smile:

Where are you located exactly?


I’m located in Nigeria, Edo state precisely, we have a center built by the government, open to hubs creation for learning, we have facebook hub ,linkedin hub, and many others, i think it would be nice to have aeternity hub which will be the first blockchain hub in the region and in the nation, from there we can plant hubs in strategic locations in my nation and in Africa… It would be good as we take the message of Aeternity out we do not canvas for venue to hold, meetups, bootcamps and hackathons. I believe its the right move and its timely.
Developers can be trained and core projects can be executed in the hub… I would be glad to help see this come on board.


I sure have plans been thinking about it for months now, but i figured i was not an ambassador so i could’nt really take steps, but if i am given the go ahead, It would be cool to have a hub alot of folks needs to know about aeternity as a project and most importantly sofia as a blockchain development language.


Hi @success, thanks for reaching out! In general we don’t accept more Nigerian æmbassadors as we are already well represented with meetups there, but we can talk about your proposal separately. Also you can do meetups if you travel and/or have online meetups with groups outside of Nigeria :slight_smile:


Great, I guessed so, so how do i go about that and maybe someone i could talk to, or you have alternatives maybe . having meetups outside Nigeria would be nice and off course online meetups wont be bad either. Is there a structure for that?


Having a hub won’t hurt either. I’m Totally open to what the community thinks…


Yes, will PM you. Regarding the hub please contact http://aeternityhub.africa/


Great will do so…since I’m not an ambassador maybe i would say I’m a volunteering ambassador :joy:.
Expecting your pm.
Great talking with you guys.


Hello Team Ae is there an alternative way to reach out to the Ae hub in Kenya or the CEO Ae Africa, maybe a community group on telegram.
Sent a mail 3 days ago still no reply and i really don’t think i would get a reply.
And also i have been able to reach out to some folks in and out of Africa in organizing meetups and growing Ae communities.
I would really love to know if there are some country specific the Ae Team would love to reach out to in growing communities for development and focus discussions, so i would know how to stream line my reach out…because there are alot of developers around the world interested in blockchain technology and i believe if we do not reach and talk about Ae no one would just come to know about Ae.

Thanks please lets look into this.
Also help me out in reaching the Ae Africa team and if they have an existing community please i would love to know, for communication and structure sack.