Hello AEternity!, My name is Fabián Hernández from Bogotá Colombia

I should have wrote this presentation before, but after some many interactions here in the Forum, I think this is the moment to say hello. Sorry for the delay :wink:

I’m a blockchain enthusiast and a Free and Opensource software advocate from Bogotá Colombia. I like the possibilities this movement brings to people, giving the power to empower the use of technology creating significant change in the way how people can appropriate and approach of tech.

For me AEternity its a revolutionary blockchain platform that really facilitates its appropriation, thanks to this great community and its valuable online resources and contributions. I’have been exploring AEternity since almost one year ago, and, as I keep learning about it, Im willing to continue spreading the word to the local developers community and help to build real world solutions with significative positive impact.

Thank you to everybody here in the forum for your participation, and I hope we can share more experiences in the future.



Thanks for introducing yourself here @snaphuman.chain! We are glad to have you with us :grinning:

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