Hello æternity. My name is Hasan from Turkey/İstanbul

Hello my name is Hasan. I live in istanbul, turkey

I have experience in blockchain and crypto money before. Some of my experiences are working as ambassadors, building a community, writing articles, translating, online or ofline organizing meetings

I was expecting to be on the æeternity team for a long time. With such a good team and a team that does everything right will add much value to me.Working with a good team is always good
I’m happy being here. I hope we will do great things together


Hello @hasan.chain and welcome! We’re happy to have you here :slight_smile: Did you join the aembassador program - it would be great to have you as AE aembassador in Turkey.


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Hello @albena.chain Thank you for your good wishes. I completed my first meeting this week. but I want to be a team ambassador turkey. This would be great for me :slight_smile:

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