Hello everyone, Clark from CWAQRGEN

Hello æternity community,

My name is Clark from CWAQRGEN. I am a developer who created CWAQRGEN, a free & unique crypto QR generator about 3 years ago. I got into crypto around 2011 & have been here for the long ride ever since :slightly_smiling_face:. A few years ago I came across æternity & was really impressed with the developers & feedback from the community.

I included æternity QR generator on my website so users can create their unique QR. I will continue to support the æternity community as much as I can and welcome suggestions & feedback from the community. Please feel free to email or stay up to date :


Great! On your website I see an error, though

Error on connecting to CoinGecko API

Hi Dimitar. Can you provide the URL for that specific page so I can look into it? Sometimes the coincgecko API goes down due to maintenance, I have no control over that. But everything checks out ok from my side this morning.

Hi @cwaqrgen it was https://cwaqrgen.com that was showing the error, I see it is ok now :slight_smile: Maybe it was a network hickup