Hello from California!

Hello Community,

My name is Matthew Smithson from California. I am interested in learning how to use this blockchain technology; mostly because I am a big fan of anything erlang and elixir. Also a big fan of crypto from 2014. I love to daily study and read the Bible, and big into expository commentary from Matthew Henry, John MacArthur and want to serve the Lord with all my creativity.

Would love to collaborate with other Christians in this community, or any one that is interested in developing on AEternity with use of Elixir.


Matthew Smithson


Welcome to the AE community @mdsmithson! Happy to have you here with us and would love to meet you at our next hackathons! There will surely be more Elixir enthusiasts who you could join with to build on cool new projects :smiley::man_technologist:

If you want to join our dedicated Discord server for new developers like yourself, join here: https://discord.gg/PWScpCXj7Z

Also feel free to check out our webinars from the last hackathons to get started as developer with our Sophia smart contract language! :nerd_face: