Hello from Primoz from Slovenia (Europe)

Hello everyone :wave: I am new member of Aeternity community. I am from Slovenia, which is beautiful, green country in Europe. We are really small nation, so no bad feelings if you never heard about Slovenia before :sweat_smile:

I work full-time, as a Health and Safety engineer, beside that I really enjoy travelling and exploring the world.

I am also very fond of technology and technological advancement. So I am also into various technical gadgets and computers, that would be my other passion beside travelling :grinning:

Well, I got into crypto and blockchain in general a few years ago, mostly I got pieces of information from various technical forums. Later on I invested in a few coins, and of course failed as an investor. At the time, I did not have enough fundamental knowledge to succeed, but I learned a few lessons.

One of those lessons was that crypto space is full of liars and greedy bast**ds who are into crypto and blockchain just to earn some quick money, often by scamming other people :japanese_goblin:

So, I stared to dig a little deeper and do some research about projects which does have potential to succeed. That is how I found Aeternity. It seemed solid project, with real world use and also with dedicated community and active developers. So now I am here, I will try to help the project and contribute a little piece in the mosaic of it’s future success :muscle: :sparkles:


Welcome to the æcosystem @Amadeuss! I’ve been to Slovenia before, it’s really a great country with nice people :blush:

Feel free to join any of the discussions in the forum or start a new forum thread if you have any questions, be it technical or general ones. Let’s grow the æternity community together through technical knowledge and dedication :muscle: :earth_africa: :nerd_face:


Hi Erik,

nice to hear that you had a chance to visit Slovenia before :blush: Guessing from name and surname…are you from Netherlands? :smiley:

I will of course browse the forum and familiarise myself with the content, to get more information and knowledge :muscle: :face_with_monocle: