HELP: My AE was not migrated


If you check the payload, that data line and go to the aeternity tool to verify it you will see

Which means the data line, the payload, has no information to call the token function, to send the migration contract or your ae mainnet address.

So basically you only sent the AE to the contract account with no instructions.


You set such a low gas it may take a long time to send, you can, however, cancel that transaction.

This is not an easy process, you will need to seend the exact same transaction to the ethereum network with a higher once number.

This is not an easy task, but it is doable, i have done it before. or you can wait and see if it eventually passes, since your information is correct, it makes sense to wait.or you can try and override it with more gwei


How long a wait would be long enough?

If cancelling, what do you mean with sending a transaction with the exact same info but if a once higher number? (I am sorry I am new to this … I will need assistance to carry it out)


We’ll keep you updated :wink:



Thank you :slight_smile:


My response was for monk. since monks transaction is proper and only has low gas. Yours is another matter.


I had overseen that detail :frowning:


Yeah. I am sorry :frowning: nothing left for you to do but wait. Let’s hope the ae team get this sorted before next fork