HELP: My AE was not migrated


He Guys,

can anyone help me, i have migrated my AE but the payload say is’nt.
Wath can i do or is that realy to late?

Payload Information


  • Token Call Function => true

  • AE Migration Contract => true

  • Your AE Mainnet Address => FALSE

I have crate my new AE-adress, and conect with my myetheraccount, all was fine.
First say my Payload all process done, but now i have none.

my adress: ak_2iEaNL8MB4mhRmHAQqtF3VYodzx6ARFe7TcAzYNE7Ws9jNhiY

I’m very happe, everbody can help for my Problem.


Do you have your ethereum TX ID? since you say it didn’t have the account in the payload I can’t link back to the transaction any other way.



my ether address is 0xc0bdefb49f158d63b035fbc9dde8c826985f26ca in this address can you see only one TX since last year^^

TxHash: 0xe26fc3bc3fa6d5907900b87f66f9559735f3051bad731e85eb681b1be18b3097

if more need? Can this fixed?
In hope monk


Hey @monk

We’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.



Your transaction was dropped by the Ethereum network

Since this transaction did not happen (yet) your AE has not been migrated.


Please verify your data payload before doing the next transaction and have at least 5 USD on the ETH address you are sending AE from.


I hav ethe same issue.
It says I migrated 0 AE tokens.
I migrated 7000 ERC20 Token on Sunday afternoon, and recieved a confirmation of transactions from myetherwallet:

airgap Vault adress:

What additional informaiton do you need?

Sadly I don’t have the payload number …


@RogueTrader, give us the ethescan transaction information so we can check this.
Can you see your balance in the AirGap wallet app?


Hey @monk

You should still have your AE tokens in your MEW account since the transaction did not pass through.


No, however the transaction was succesfull, see the details below



Ether ERC20 Account:

AE Token Contract

AE Migration Contract

Your AE Mainnet Address

There no more AE Token on the original Ether Adress


I saw your transaction and there are missing data fields. You do not have the same issue.

You see. the first one has 7 data fields, that is the correct thing to see.
The first transaction didn’t go thru probably because of low gas price, so it got dropped.

Your transaction on the other hand is missing the datafields for the account to where the tokens are to be send. You did attach a few screens hots that I have not seen before

Can you be so kind and tell me if you used metamask to do this transaction?


no I used myetherwallet. (the second option…)

The adress to be sent is at the top of the second screenshot, it’s the adress of AE Token Contract ending in CF0D1d


This is your transaction.

Compare the bottom block (that I highlited in red) to the one in the transaction that @monk posted

Do you see how yours has only fields 0 and 1, but his has 0 thru 7?
Field number 7 is the aeternity address. if it is not in the transaction “input data” field, there is no way for the contract to know where to send the information.

And, how did you get that window? the window I get is this one:

Notice how the full “data” is there.


Why did you send tokens to the contract? :open_mouth: the instructions clearly says not to do that

Did you change any of the parameters that were shown to you on that page in myetherwallet ?

  1. No I did not change anything. I followed the instructions from the webpage.

  2. The adress, as you notice, sends the AE Token to on MEW is the AE Token Contract (not the AE Migration Contract). I retraced my steps and this are the adress that are relevant for the migration.


Now when you press start migration, it connects you to mew, and if you press, where you give your secret sequence of words to unlock your wallet, that gives you the screenshot you posted. If you click on generate transaction, it will give you the same display as the windows which I posted.

It seems my AE Token got stuck on the AE Token Contract in the migration process … How do we proceed from there?


The relevant information is in the data field. can you show or parse the data field in the verification tool?


This is the window that I was redirected to …


The instructions say don’t send it to the migration contract, however MEW automatically sends it to the AE Token Contract (which is not the migration contract)

Do mean in the data line:
0xa9059cbb0000000000000000000000005ca9a71b1d01849c0a95490cc00559717fcf0d1d00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000017b7883c06916600000 ?