[Help] Need help getting started

Please excuse the completely amateur post, but I need some help getting started. I really don’t know where to begin learning about the how and why of æ. How do I access Superhero?


Hello @Evan! Maybe the best way to get started is to check the latest video materials (recorded during the HumanDeFi Hæck back to Nov, 2020), and this one about How Superhero is built/work. if you rather prefer less technical resources, I would suggest you to check the article ‘‘How to Send & Receive Superhero Tips’’ in a form of a simple guide. Shortly, all you need to do is to open you Superhero Wallet (mobile, browser or chrome extension) (the best part: you do not need to provide name, address, email, mobile phone!! nothing! your data is in your control) and you can start using Superhero.com!

Please, do not hesitate to mention me here if you need further support! And - feel free to join the Superhero Telegram Channel ! See you there!

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