Help needed for AE migration (need tiny ETH for smart contract execution)

This post may sound sketchy, but I’m being 100% legitimate here.

I took part in the Aeternity token offering in 2016 by buying 21.5 worth of ETH.

I was following the steps for the AE migration to mainnet, however I realized that I didn’t have enough ETH to pay for the ETH gas token for the execution of the smart contract.

I have close to no ETH left as I have only 0.0001148 ETH, and the ~21,598 AE tokens I hold are the only real crypto I hold, I have no way to getting any more cryptocurrency to deposit as ETH to help pay for the gas for the smart contract execution.

While following the steps for the AE migration it stated that I need 0.0123 ETH, since I only have 0.0001148 ETH, I cannot complete migration.

Would anyone here be super kind enough to donate 0.0123 ETH (approximately $2 USD) to my Ether wallet so that I can complete the transaction?

I know this potentially sounds very scammy like one of those “send me ETH and I will send you ETH back”, however it is totally not; Here is my ETH wallet on Etherscan which shows my ETH balance:

And here is the transaction I made in 2016 to take part in the AE token offering:

My ETH address (as exactly in the etherscan I shared) is 0x335aD1607b57E268d7ea57fe41dAFB622faa45dc

I would highly appreciate if I can get receive the 0.0123 ETH in order to complete the migration before September 2nd; else I will get no Aeternity and just have ERC20 tokens left! And I honestly in real life have no way to buy even $2 (0.0123 ETH) of ETH anymore before September 2nd.

Thank you,
Aeternity token holding no ETH left for transaction fee human

Correction: I took part in the AE token offering in 2017 (not 2016 as I incorrectly mentioned in the post above)

Update: I was able to get a few dollars of ETH via another source!
Moderators: how can I delete this topic?

We’ll delete it don’t worry :slight_smile:

Another note - please don’t use MEW for the migration but some of the other methods like MetaMask :wink: