Help setting up on Linux Mint


I’m trying to set up mining using Linux Mint.

I’m following these instructions, but having multiple errors pretty much from the beginning.

Any suggestions?


Any Linux Mint miners here? :slight_smile:


Post the errors already !


Hey @Experientialist,

Yes, please share the errors, that would help our devs to identify the problem.



Just because i am lazy and, it makes deployment so much faster, I love using docker in linux to create containers for the nodes.

Unless you are using GPU mining, which i have not tried yet, I would recommend using the official docker container.


Here you go :slight_smile:
Not much specific details to work with, but here:

II. Generating the beneficiary account

  1. Install the relevant dependencies of the private key support library before generating the account.

sudo apt‐get install build‐essential libssl1.0.0
Prompts for password, then: Result: sudo: apt‐get: command not found

Next: wget

works fine, success.

tar -xf libsodium-1.0.16.tar.gz

Doesn’t seem to do anything…

./configure && make && sudo make install && sudo ldconfig

Result: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

And it keeps going as I go down the list…


We’ll send it to our dev team and they’ll get back to you :wink:



Hey again,

Our dev team suggest that you use Ubuntu because they cannot say when (if at all) they will be able to provide support for other Linux distributions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.