Help with transfer out of AirGap Wallet to - no process on confirmations for transfer

Hi there,

I have done a transfer from my AirGap Wallet to but the confirmations have not changed for a couple of days now. Can anyone help with how to get confirmations moving so the transfer can be accepted?

Transaction ID: æternity Explorer


You need to wait for 1500 block confirmations and you can ask the support team to authorize the transaction by submitting a ticket. You’re almost there :slight_smile:

Same issue here, though my transaction hasn´t even shown up in the block explorer so far. Is that normal? I would think that even if it is not confirmed yet, it should at least show up there, no?

It’s not mined yet apparently: th_2neEfHVQXrydSSvqjYVPRsPafFjEMWN8nt26z3Yiu15sURzqZh of Aeternity - AEKnow

Thanks, as long as this means it´s going to be processed over the next couple of days, all is fine.
have a great day.

Hi @Gerhard can you double check if the funds of your wallet went out?

Thanks for that. I will keep waiting :slight_smile: The only thing slightly concerning me is that the confirmation count does not seem to be changing. The first 24 hours there were 65 confirmations but nothing in the 24-36 hours since then. I appreciate the reply!


They are still shown in my wallet, but as well the transaction is shown as “pending”, so something is there.

Seems like some issue wallet side, those funds won’t move from your wallet, you could try to create another wallet (ie superhero, please keep your private key safely) and send again to that new address that you own and tell us the result.

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You already have over 1500 confirmations, you can contact to authorize your transaction

great, thanks!

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hello guys
it seens it’s normal to take a very long time to do the 1500 confirmation on GATE.IO.
Im waiting for 3 day in a row and im stuck on 79.
Why is it taking so long?

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Hi there, the interface on Gate.IO stops reporting confirmations. You will need to check on a bloackchain explorer and then contact them once it reaches 1500 (even though on the interface it may still show 79). They are good at then manually confirming the transfer.


Ty, for the response I went to the block height and saw how many confirmation I had and I’m on a good track of more than 1000.
It take some time, for a moment I thought I was in some kind of scheme…