Hi from Peter Liang

Hi, My name is Peter Liang. I am now living in Hong Kong.

I am a new-comer to blockchain field. I heard of it a long time ago, but I started to learn it a few months ago.

I am an software engineer, I have some experience in developing Java & Erlang applications. I know aeternity when I was trying to find Erlang’s blockchain implementaiton.


Glad to meet you @liangdefeng! :wave: :slight_smile:

Are you currently working on a blockchain project? Feel free to join us at our weekly Jæm sessions on Discord to discuss more about your use case and give you technical support & orientiation :nerd_face:

Here’s an invite link to æternity’s Discord server: https://discord.gg/jexyk8Bc

Hey @liangdefeng, nice to have you here!

As @erik.chain mentioned it’s probably best do join the discord server and get in touch with us directly. You are definitely in the right place here! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions let us know. Happy to help you out! :crossed_fingers:

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