[HomePort] Calling on all radio amateurs and hardware geeks!

Hey everyone, team HomePort from Starfleet 2 here.

As you may be aware, our aeternity-based app will connect ground receivers across the globe in a ground station network that can receive satellite data efficiently.

The prototype network will be very accessible and everyone with a receiver is welcome to sign up. Even if you don’t operate one, it’s almost trivial to set up a VHF station using this kit and some basic instructions, although you will still need some knowledge of radios and electronics.

This particular setup will allow you to easily receive images from weather satellites, such as this one:

So if you like playing around with hardware or you’re a radio amateur, feel free to sign up! And we’re open for questions. :slight_smile:


Kit ordered, 8 weeks later when it arrives i’m signing up! :metal:


Food for thought: See how easy Amazon did it. Few clicks and you are done. Naturally, if people would choose to use homeport they will have to do the hardware setup themselves but for all other setup would be very user friendly if your platform handles it.

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A smooth UI/UX is something we’re really focusing on, and it will be quite intuitive for both station and satellite operators. So it will be just as simple using HomePort with existing hardware. But plugging and running a new hardware setup will not be particularly difficult either.

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