[Homeport] Decentralized ground station network

Hey Starfleeters, I’m Zdravko of team Homeport, a SAT-1 Initiative spinoff. We’re one of the Starfleet Vol. 2 graduates and our solution, Homeport, is a ground-station-as-a-service platform.

It provides a decentralized marketplace for ground station capacity, which operators of satellites or satellite constellations in space can use to maximize the output of their fleet. Homeport also allows them to optimize data session scheduling between the stations and the satellites. We aim to build a global, decentralized space data teleport across free and proprietary frequencies alike, for a variety of satellite operators.

More updates coming very soon!


Hey Zdravko and welcome!

I enjoyed your presentation during the Demo Day and I think your project is quite innovative, although I am not really an expert on how satellites transfer data.

Looking forward to updates from Homeport!

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Is it possible to build ground based short-wave digital networks node?

That’s much cheaper.

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It won’t be particularly useful for receiving satellite signals.

Most of the commercially or scientifically viable satellite data is transmitted over UHF, S- or X-band frequencies.

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Our Alpha version - Hydrogen - is set to roll out this month.

Hydrogen will be a testbed for template smart contracts and distributing test token rewards to ground stations that have successfully received satellite images and uploaded them to the cloud. Only ground receiver operators can register for Hydrogen.

The entry barrier is low, with the purpose of drawing as many receivers from radio amateurs and tech newbies as possible. The bigger the number of users, the better we will assess the performance of the network.

If you are interested, feel free to post and we will explain how you can make a basic receiver and plug it into the network. Operating frequencies are primarily in the VHF band.

Also, we’re open to any questions with regards to the network and the sector itself. Our participation at AE Universe touched upon some interesting topics of centralization vs. decentralization within the space industry, so if you’d like to continue that discussion or just want to learn more about space tech, we’re available. :slight_smile:


Great! Keep us updated! I would suggest to announce this in radio amateurs and tech newbies communities online. :slight_smile: Also, if you prepare an explanation regarding how (and why - incentives!) can one become a ground station - that would be awesome!

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I am eager to learn :slight_smile:

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Did you receive your kit?

I’m interested as I’ve worked with satnogs in past and I have in my mind something similar.
Are you on telegram? hit me up, Telegram: Contact @yangwao
Looking forward to chat :heart_eyes::grin::v:


Dropped you a message!

How’s it going? Is not a failure, long time no update

Our prototype is complete and awaiting deployment. Currently working on expanding our station network.


When do you plan to release the beta version?

Tentatively in June. The pending release is a highly functional Alpha version over testnet.


Hi guys, as Microsoft recently joined the ground station services race, we’re out with a more detailed description of our business model and how HomePort will compete with much larger service providers thanks to blockchain.


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