Hosted compiler downtime

Hello, on Saturday the 24th of August one of the node, where
the hosted compilers run, failed.

The good thing is that it was automatically replaced and most
of the applications deployed were unaffected, the bad thing
was that the compiler proxy failed to restart
(due to a dependent service not being available at the time)

The service was offline for most of the day but it was restored
Saturday evening and it is working fine now, you can monitor the
status of the applications in the status page.

To be fair, it only failed for people that relied on hosted services they trust instead of setting up a trust-less environment by themselves (what every professional app developer should do). Nevertheless, developers who learn and haven’t reached a professional level yet to self host all the things will judge us on reliable hosted services (therefore i agree, i think it is very important to provide a reliable testing environment with hosted services for developers right now).

agreed, we also display a disclaimer on the hosted compiler page to warn about using the services in production.

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I think it would be good to provide a couple of “best practice” blog or forum posts to make everyone who uses hosted service more aware of that fact. Feedback welcome Best practice for app developers. Self-hosting vs. trusted services