How did chainlink manage to be 16th when AE is 71th?

How did that fake project manage to attain 16th market capitalization when AE got devalued to 71th?

Please comment your idea about this hilarious reality :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say that chainlink is a fake project. They are offering a specialized oracle solution that aims to decentralize the way how correct answers are returned when an oracle is being called.

I recently answered to a tweet where somebody of fabricVC posted a blog entry about oracle solutions. Unfortunately this blog entry didn’t contain any information about æternity.

My wish would be that the team posts a blog entry and show possible solutions that could achieve similar results as chainlink does (if this is possible) and also outlines what advantages aeternity has because oracles are first class objects.

  • e.g. we need some information how we could implemented or make use of oracles so that the answer is only accepted if 8 out of 10 oracles provide the same answer (currently I am only aware of using 1 specific oracle that I have to trust)

Here the link to the twitter thread:


Would someone from the community be willing to prepare this piece? We can support them with knowledge and AE.

I think the main reason is that chainlink trades on coinbase.

Are there some plans to get on coinbase?

Coinbase wrote a blog post recently here where they have AE listed as one of the coins they were considering adding in the image they posted (now grayed out):

You can see that the image is grayed out now, however that image is still available here:

Aeternity can easily apply to be added to coinbase just by applying here:

Any coin can actually apply there now


It is not an technical issue, Coinbase likes aeternity tech. We’ve had a couple of conversations explaining their tech team what has been build and they also did a technical due diligence which was very positive.

Unfortunately there are lots of bureaucratic questions, especially in the US. aeternity is a fully decentralised Blockchain and it therefore there is not one person speaking to them but many (you can also talk to them and fill-out an application). Its like Bitcoin - who do you talk to when you want to list Bitcoin? Satoshi Nakamoto :wink: So the best thing the community can do is to contact Coinbase themselves and provide whatever information you think is valuable for a listing.

I myself talk to a couple of people and i guess we will just have to wait. Its 100% on the side of Coinbase to decide (they are a very centalised company and have to deal with a lot of legal stuff).


Chainlink has some decent github activity but alot less than ae, Like ETH and EOS, CL hype is massive and this seems to be the case with all the US projects in general. A kind of fake it til you make it attitude. Ae market cap will come in time but it will probably be slow and organic. At the moment as investors our ROI is making alot of people nervous but in 3-5 years when the project is fully developed and aepps start running and being used and most of the ETH dapps will migrate to ae because if they dont, they simply wont be able to compete. Follow coin code cap rankings, not coin market cap rankings. The code is where the real value of a project lies and ae is consistantly in the top 10 for the past 12 months. All this BTC clone and pump and dump garbage will eventually die and communities like ae who are building the next big thing (the new internet) will be left holding the mantle

It is a long way to go! Everyone from the coummunity should make countribution!

Can you stop imagining and face the reality? Where is the courage to say that most of eth DAPP has to be transferred to aepp, and can’t live without it? I think it’s not self-confidence, it’s arrogance!!!

Face facts, ETH block chain is full so developers are looking elsewhere. You can’t tell me that a blockchain that has been hacked multiple times, crashed from running a game and is a technological dead end can be taken seriously by any business looking to build on top of a blockchain