How much hard disk space cost when run a AE full node now?

May I ask how big the AE full node now? If I want to run a full node, how much hard disk space need to be reserved? :grinning:

I haven’t checked sizes lately - I think it’s somewhere around 120 - 140 GB for a full node.

But with the redesigned garbage collection, you should be able to run a node within ca 40 GB. Note that this number will slowly increase over time, since headers and blocks are continuously added, and aren’t garbage-collected.

The garbage collection options are documented here. If the chain:garbage_collection:during_sync option is enabled for a node being synced from scratch, the state trees will be continuously pruned even during sync. This will add ca 30% to the sync time, but the node’s disk footprint will stay within ca 40 GB.



Of course, you can also start a node from a database snapshot, found here:

The ‘light’ snapshots are garbage-collected, which is also apparent from their size.