How to access migrated Aeternity?

Some time ago, I had migrated my ERC Aeternity tokens to the following address:


Now, when I check the address with the AEknow explorer I see my expected 5878.7998 AE coins. Further, the verification tool at also confirms each of my migrations steps I had performed when I paste the corresponding payloads from the ETH TX.

However, it seems that during the migration I seem to have received only the AE address, but in the migration document there is no AE private key (or mnemonic phrase) whatsoever. However, I still have access to the original Ethereum address’ private key. How do I now import my native AE coins into an Aeternity wallet?

I tried using the original Ethereum address’ private key e.g. with the “Base aepp” without much luck. I guess/hope there is some tool to convert my ETH private key into a form that would correspond to the mnemonic of my Aeternity address?

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During the migration process you specified the public key yourself, so you will have to also have the private key wherever you got that public key from.


All I have is this piece of PDF below, which I had kept during the migration. I don’t remember of providing the AE address myself, but it was (as far as I recall) autogenerated. Hence, I don’t have a corresponding private key (seed phrase) of the AE address, but only the the original ETH address.

It was somehow my understanding, that I would be able to “derive” the AE private key later by the original ETH private key. Are you saying that my AE are now lost? I’ve looked everywhere but I really don’t seem to have stored the AE private key anywhere; which would be not like me at all. I’m very diligent when it comes to handling my private keys… :exploding_head:

æternity-token-migration-5878.7998.pdf (87.8 KB)

I found it: apparently I had used my Ledger with the Base aepp wallet! Hence the reason why there was no seed phrase. Man this was close… wasted my entire weekend until I figured this. :hot_face: