How to access my AE tokens on my Ledger X?

Hi, please your help. I transferred in 2020 part of my AE tokens to my Ledger X. I still have the address and recovery seed. However, when I go to and I activate my ledger (and Aeternity App on Ledger), I do not see my account visible. I can only add new AE addresses on this Ledger., but I do not see my old address with the tokens. I suspect that was different in 2020. How can I get access again to my old AE address on my Ledger XX
thanks for help

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hey @singularity

regarding accessing your AE tokens on your Ledger X. Let’s try the following steps:

  1. Update Your Ledger and AE App: Ensure both are on their latest versions.
  2. Check Ledger Settings: Verify if the settings are correctly configured for AE tokens.
  3. Recovery Seed: Consider using your recovery seed to restore your Ledger, but do this cautiously and preferably offline.
  4. Ledger Live App: Use the Ledger Live app to check if your AE account is visible there.
  5. Contact Ledger Support: For specific device-related issues, Ledger’s customer support can provide tailored assistance.

Remember to handle your recovery seed with utmost security. :wink: :closed_lock_with_key: