How to convert AE into Fiat Currencies in India

Hello Everyone,

What is the recommended approach to convert AE stored in AirGap and SuperHero Wallets into Fiat Currencies or other cryptocurrencies in India. Looking forward to the help and support from the ecosystem.


you can go to gate


Thank you so much for the quick response. Please let me try it!!

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Did it work?

Hi @Charles , and @derilpana.chain, Thank you so much for the helping hand! I have a follow up question. How can I transfer my AE tokens from the AirGap Vault Account into the It will be great if somebody can help me on a video conference session as I am doing it first time.

Hi there broo.
Honestly, I never used airgap but I found this at medium. Maybe could help you.

You can join the TG or discord group too or maybe the weekly Jaem where you can Devs for specific questions at real time.
Good luck!

Hello @derilpana.chain ,

My main issue is to transfer the AE tokens from AirGap Vault. It is not even letting me to transfer the account from AirGap Vault to AirGap Wallet.

Maybe in the dedicated TG group. I don’t know much about. :smiley:

You probably need to sync your Vault with your Wallet app. Let’s go step-by-step through this in PM