How to exchange AE

I have some token I have mined.
I’m looking for a website to deposit it and make some trade. But… I can’t find a website to exchange them…
Anybody knows where we can trade AE ?

Hello @snooker9 you can use and for further questions contact team on the Discord where you will (also) find #how-to-use topic

You can use jellyswap to trade Ae to btc only but not ETH because liquidity is not available for ETH/AE

Thank you!
I will try this service.
Best regards.

I don’t have the minimum yet. I will try later (1500 AE min).
Thank for the help :wink:

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But apparently you can’t buy AE with it.

On Jellyswap? You can currently get AE with ETH, AVAX and ALGO

I assume you need liquidity?

The only people selling AE were doing it for an insane amount.

What about Huobi Global? :thinking:

@tima_t is this price shown in the screenshot a bug?

Basically it is not a bug, but an unreasonable price provided by one of the liquidity providers.

If you check here at the bottom of the page, you can see that someone is trying to sell 10 Ae for 1 ETH.

He can request that price, but obvisously it is not a reasonable one.

We can say it is kind of bug or in the other words someone is trying to sell AE for extremely high price and aggregator software is showing the price offered by the LP, because it is the only one offereing AE according to the algorithm.


Thanks for your quick answer @tima_t! Hopefully we can improve the liquidity situation soon to have a more reasonable price again.

@erik.chain so given buying from Jelly isn’t a real option, whats the best way to purchase it with USD?

Shouldn’t be a problem on actually.