How to extend a name within the Base aepp Wallet?

Hi, if I have a name, how can I extend it and is there a way to “automatically” extend it or can I pre pay for a couple of years?


Yes I wonder this for awhile even though no name will expire for a little while. I like to plan ahead

unfortunately I cannot tell you how to extend via base aepp.

it is per protocol definition only possible to extend a name for the upcoming 50000 blocks. so a name has to be extended before those 50k blocks are reached (see:

so you need to set up a script to do this automatically. currently this needs to be your account which owns the name.

I know about two implementations that should do the work (of course not audited and to be used at own risk!!!):

I think it should be possible to setup a smart contract (at least if all required Sophia built-in functionalities are present) which could then be the owner of the domain. this would allow to manage a list of accounts which could have the rights to extend/update the AENS name :slight_smile:

edit: I will have a look at the smart contract solution. I am interested in using this. we from kryptokrauts are anyway working on a cool project we will hopefully be able to share in the near future


It needs to be able to do manually from base aepp before the names start expiring. Auto pay would be nice I’m sure it will happen but manual is critical

Is there a way to undo naming a account?
I have assigned a name to my account but would like to undo it.

There is a new release of Waellet rolled out today v0.3.4 which allows extending names. It is already listed in firefox, the chrome web store is currently pending review.

Regarding base aepp:
The feature is being implemented here and will be released asap:


It can be found in the menu under “Utilities”

How long is the extension? @milenradkov.chain

Correct - Utilities > Naming System > Your Names and there you can see the Extend button.

The Extend button is extending it to the maximum possible period, by default for now. - which as @marc0olo mentioned above, currently is 50000 blocks (specified in the protocol).


Can I also see somewhere when I have to update? Is it possible that this information also gets added :slight_smile: thank you by the way! Great that you’ve integrated it.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing this. Also thanks for the info. So whenever I extend a name it automatically extends for 50000 blocks (but I can do it at any time, today for example). So I’ve got a time window of 50k blocks to do that from time to time :wink: an any way it answers my first question so thanks a lot!

If you have the extension installed in your browser it is automatically updated when the browser extension store approves the new version.

i talked to @hanssv the last days because I have an idea where extending the TTL could be solved with a smart contract based solution which incentivizes users to extend names of others by getting a small reward.

I already started programming it and unfortunately some helpful and necessary AENS built-in methods for Sophia are missing and require another hardfork.

AENS.update is absolutely mandatory for the solution I want to provide

AENS.owner and AENS.expires_at would also be good and are - in my opinion - absolutely inevitable to build a secure and useful AENS marketplace (which is also something I respectively kryptokrauts are planning to work on)

I would definitely like to see these built-in methods being available with the next hardfork.


Thank you. Very valuable feedback. I’m not sure where we should collect this, I’m a bit worried that it gets buried here in the forum. You should maybe open an issue on GitHub for each of the functionality you suggest / need.

Any better suggestion?

actually there already exist issues that cover the required functionalities:

AENS.update is - as far is I know - already implemented but not being published as it is consensus breaking.

there was also some kind of uncertainty I had regarding pointers. I think currently it is required to put in all existing pointers to the update. so there must be a way to return the map of all current pointers.


The pointer situation has to be clarified - probably the best would be to slightly change the protocol from the next hard fork and only allow pointers to be a “proper” map (i.e. unique keys) I think that would work best in the long run.

aesophia/GH-179/188 are already merged

Finally, given how AENS.update is implemented, it is trivial to extend a name:

// AENS.update available from IRIS hard-fork
AENS.update(owner, name, Some(RelativeTTL(extend_by)), None, None)

I.e. you don’t need to fill the pointers (== None) if you don’t intend to change them!

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that is nice! :slight_smile:

so is it now already possible to perform AENS.update? because last information I got is that a hardfork is required to support this.

I also think that a map with unique keys should be the way to go. I got really confused these days discussing this here :sweat_smile:

No, the linked documentation is for iris - the next hard-fork.

Unfortunately we can’t change the VM on the fly :slight_smile:


Are we going to be able to extend the names in the base aepp before they start expiring or will we have to use waellet? It would be ironic since waellet cannot even send to .chain names yet.
Edit: I see it is possible to extend on the base app now, good job team


Waellet can send to .chain names, make sure you have the latest version- 0.4.2


I don’'t see the option to Extend Name? I downloaded from playstore today