How to get transaction hash

Hi friends,.

I’m trying to do a simple thing. After a deposit or close call in a Channel I would like to track the number of confirmations onchain. I know those methods receive a callback function where I can get -if successful- the posted TX.

I’m properly getting this information, for example, in triggering a close. But I tried to use getTxInfo with that returned object and 404 resulted. Inspecting with more detail, I realized that I need the hash of the transaction, not the TX object itself.

In the “API usage” for Channels I see, in fact:

Tracking the progress of the onchain transaction

After calculating the hash of the mutually authenticated channel_close_mutual_tx parties can track its progress as they would do with any on-chain transaction

curl ''

if the block_hash is none - then the transaction is still in the mempool.

How I can get/calculate that hash? Thanks.