How to integrate Smart Contract Editor in Browser

Hi Guys,

We want to integrate Smart Contract Editor /Compiler to our Portal

Can some one suggest whats the best way to go for this?

Idea is for students who just want to Quickly write Sophia Contract and want to test , They could do it here



Hey @nikitafuchs.chain, can you provide us some advice here? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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One way I think could be .

Like when students click on the Create Contract. We redirect them to this link.

But problem is We want the students to pay from there own account and this link doesn’t let us do that.

So if we could just use this service as an api that will be great :smiley:

2 Likes Hope you find a surprise. The geek has completed one-click coin issuance. Yes, you only need to move your mouse to complete issuing your own token on the AE network!

@KANKAN101 Do you mean the oracle?

Hey everyone!

First of all, it’s great to see people putting in their free time to build cool things, it is highly appreciated! Thanks a lot for all your dedication, really.

One important thing I must address that (at least speaking for myself) we can not possibly ever encourage the usage of any tools that handle private keys in an online on-browser context for obvious security reasons. Especially key generators were used in certain protocols already to cause major damage to fundholders, the same amounts to calling contracts and pasting private keys to some website for that.

I assume you have only the best intentions, please do not get me wrong, the tools are cool. But in the interest of the whole crypto community, it should never be established as good practice to use things like this. (One would of course be free to built such a handy tool for oneself to use, it’s actually a good training ! :wink: )

I really didn’t mean to discourage anyone here, really. It’s just if people get used to these things and you won’t rip them off, it is guaranteed that someone else will, no doubt.

Regarding your questions @vanessa.chain @Vikram : Rather than us losing time to teach you how to built a web-based IDE for aeternity smart contracts and populate it with your accounts, why don’t you just use the one we have already ? :smiley: In the user tab on the right you can create a user with his very own keys and deploy arbitrary contracts. I know, it is not supported yet to import own keys, for reasons mentioned above. But in a few days the waellet integration will be ready, and you will be able to use any of your own accounts on the main- or test network.

Are there any features you are currently missing ? Requests and feedback are always welcome !


Hey @nikitafuchs.chain thank you for you input. The intention of laboratory is to provide knowledge about basic of transactions, wallets and other block chain related topics to the students or beginners so that they can understand what is going on under the hood, without hiding details of underlying things.

You can not tell them to secure cryptographic keys without telling me what it is!

For a learner, who has never worked on blockchain or who does not know what is wallet, if you give all of these complexity of wallet to them in the first place, they will get scared and and would not even try it out and would not know what is happening behind the scene. So I think tools like laboratory is certainly a good way to teach them about blockchain. Hope its clear now :slight_smile:

By the way your link is not working for me.

Of course, if you explain them the context/risks and generally put big warning signs around it for other people, then it might be totally fine.

The link to the editor is really not working for you ? The application itself is pretty complex and takes even on my macbook a few seconds to get going if it"s not in the cache yet - can you give it some more time to load? Or are you getting a connection timeout or something else? Anyways, i’ll put it on a proper CDN soon anyway.

you should definitely introduce a loading spinner or sth like that. it’s taking ages on my side (~11 seconds)

Is it taking too long to load? you mean

I meant to fireeditor of @nikitafuchs.chain. sorry if this statement was misleading :smiley:

Good idea. Some progress bar or something the like certainly will help. There will be a rebranding soon, will include.


The idea is super cool! As an enchantment I can propose integrating the system with the Sophia REPL which will be in the near future served online via an HTTP API. It provides a possibility of querying arbitrary Sophia expressions to compute their values, check their types and more. I am sure it will make huge impact on the learning process and will make the work with the contracts much easier. Personally I was using it to test my contracts and I found it extremely helpful.

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