How to keep Proof of Work mining decentralized?


ASIC-resistance is only a short-term solution. What can we do in order to keep mining on the GPU level for as long as possible or quickly develop a healthy, competitive ASIC market?

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There are several FPGA boards with 8GB HBM2 specifically designed for the crypto market that are becoming available.


FPGAs were quite quickly supperceeded by ASICs in bitcoin mining. What would you say is their advantage? Could they allow for a better decentralization of mining hardware production? Are they customization enough to allow for the production of miners for various types of cryptoccurrencies?


These FPGA’s can be used for any PoW algorithm that GPUs are currently used for and they can be re-targeted on-the-fly, unlike ASICs.

GPU’s run one set of instructions over multiple copies of data (SIMD). An FPGA can run multiple sets of instructions concurrently (MIMD).


Do you know a FPGA miner that is currently being used for mining alts?


This site supports alt-coin mining on an older VU9P model FPGA with DDR4 -


if everyone can buy, and many company can produce the device, it will be decentralized.


Sorry for the maybe stupid question, but I’m neither coder nor do I understand the hardware of ASIC’s or the like, but:
Could an algorithm detect if its executed on an ASIC? If yes, what would happen if the ‘coins’ mined on an ASIC would be marked as invalid? In that case nobody would mine on ASICS!?


There are no stupid questions :slight_smile: As I understand the only way to know for sure if an ASIC is mining is off of hashpower. There is currently no way to blacklist ASIC’s outside of changing the mining algorithm entirely.