How to register a name on æternity with the Base æpp?

Hey all,

With the Lima hardfork successfully performed on October 30th, 2019, æternity’s official Naming System (AENS) with domains ending with .chain was launched.

@emin has prepared a special video tutorial to show you how to register a name - check it out below:

Hurry up and claim your name.chain :slight_smile:



When will the AENS auction tool be online?

When i go to type a name.chain it won’t let type the (.)
So is it ok to just type the name without .chain?

It was online since the LIMA upgrade and the Base aepp is online now

No, you have to have a dot in between. It can be, that the name has already been registered. Everything (also auction times) is explained here:

I have a question!If I fail to renew the aens in time after 100 days, will the AE spent on the auction be returned to my account?

It doesn’t matter what name I type in it won’t let me put in the (.) dot
Says this field must not contain dots.

Doesn’t anyone in the government think the 100 day deadline is too short? Suggest an official investigation or vote. It’s easy to expire. Who has so much energy to check his account every day? Is it too much trouble to update every three months? This is very weak. For long-term development, if it is 1000 days, it will be more reasonable. Please face up to this problem.

I think 100 days is enough, and 1000 days is too long for the blockchain industry. Three years? After all, Bitcoin is only 11 years old.


It is suggested that users can choose to set renewal time by themselves.