How to run aeternity test suites in local env

I am new to aeternity and I am learning the aeternity from the source codes in github.

I am able to run eunit tests in my local env now. I want to run the ct test, but I failed.

My Env is Windows 10 WSL + Docker.

Below are the steps I did.

  1. Pull the aeternity builder docker.
    docker pull aeternity/builder:latest

  2. Checkout aeternity source codes from github and checkout v6.3.0.
    git clone git checkout v6.3.0

  3. Enter Docker
    docker run -it -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) aeternity/builder:latest

  4. Test aecore_sync_SUITE
    make SOPHIA_NO_ACI=true CT_TEST_FLAGS=--suite=apps/aecore/test/aecore_sync_SUITE ct-latest


%%% aecore_sync_SUITE ==> all_nodes.two_nodes.start_first_node: FAILED
%%% aecore_sync_SUITE ==> {enoent,[{erlang,open_port,
["-pa “,
" -config ./default”]},

The node in the test suites doesn’t start correctly.


I tried with WSL2 and could not reproduce. Legacy WSL does have issues with networking and mounting windows volumes. I recommend you try with WSL2 and work with native volumes. Of course setup docker accordingly to use WSL2


@ivaylobadinov.chain Thanks for your reply.

What I used is WSL2, and inside WSL2, I started a docker whose image is from aeternity/builder:latest.
I start the docker’s interactive mode, I ran the test suites inside the docker.
I guess, it is not related to WSL2.

I tried to run it in WSL2(Ubuntu 20.04 with Erlang installed), I still get the same error. It is wierd.

It turns out to be that I can’t use the mount drive. As @ivaylobadinov.chain mentioned, native volumes works.