How to Run Your Own æternity Middleware


Hey everyone,

Are you ready to build your first æpp on the æternity blockchain?

Then, follow this guide on how to run your own Middleware locally:

æternity’s Middleware moves the load away from the node and caches the data that your æpps need :slightly_smiling_face:



I don’t know if it goes here, but… here is a MongoDB/NodeJS implementation of the middleware if anyone wants to try it!


Thank you @Kryztoval :slight_smile:


Thanks for the aepp! Will definitely try it.


Oh that’s very interesting, I already have an idea for my app in mind


You can share your idea and find partners and supporters :slight_smile: we now have a dedicated category here in the Forum - Business Ideas :slight_smile:


Which idea do you have? Maybe something 100% new?


oh great, I will check it out, thank you!


I would like to make an educational app. There are many of them now but each one has its flaws.


What about you? Are you interested in creating an app?