How to start the epoch test net?


@dankingori Your release URL looks wrong to me, It should be

However, the latest release is 0.14.0 with slightly changed release filename, you could try: wget


@dincho Thankyou very much , your insight helped. I manged to pull the release Binary , and joined the testnet. However I think Using Docker image is pretty easy, running the node/s in the containers.


@dankingori Not sure if you’re asking if we build docker images or just saying it’s easier to use Docker container than installing the release binary yourself :slight_smile:

Anyway, we do build docker images, you can check it’s documentation (latest release) at:


@dincho I am saying I found it easier to use Docker Container .


Will there be a one-click way to install the node?


Maybe for Windows 10. We are looking for a solution at the moment. Will keep you posted.