How to transfer AE

I have some AE coins, Yesterday I return after 1 year into crypto again and I saw in binance that AE is no longer supported.
I am trying to withdraw but it says node upgraded you cannot withdraw.
Can anyone help me with this please?

Did you contact the Binance support? They should offer you to send the AE tokens to an external AE wallet

Which exchange do you use?binance?or OKE?The best way is to contact customer service

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I have sent a few of my token from Binance to trust wallet and from trust wallet to
but i didn’t get those token yet here is the link

Contact their customer service,Say that my recharge did not arrive,Provide your transaction Transaction ID。Hope to help you :smiley:
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Hi @abdulmanan7, you’re transaction already has over 2000 block confirmations, can you send the support this transaction link?

2000 is not considered to be fully confirm, i am wondering about the speed of transaction of AE
its more then a week now

1500 is definitely enough. Please submit a support ticket on

Browse](,Enter your transaction ID,The query result is true。try