How to use key pair created with CLI?

I am trying to set up the jelly swap Butler to be an AE liquidity provider. It requires a private key, but the waellet private keys apparently do not work with bitler. So I generated a key pair using this CLI guide

I don’t know what I’m doing in the command prompt and I tried importing the private key to waellet but it gave me a different public address.

Is there a wallet that I can import the CLI generated private key into? Alternatively I suppose I could use the command prompt to send tokens, which is all I’m trying to do, but I would need a little bit of help for that.

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I summon @milenradkov.chain

Waellet uses the HDWallet (which enables you to have sub accounts) - base app and superhero are also using this.

Whereas the CLI is generating a single keypair which is not suggested to be used for such purposes, rather for development.


Thanks. So I can’t import the CLI private key into any wallet and get the address generated for it? How do I send funds from the CLI address? I am willing to do it from command prompt if I have to since this is the only format the jelly swap Butler is accepting…

The arkane wallet can import this private key pair



Thanks @Kryztoval you are right, it works on arkane

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