How's this project doing, overall?

Hi guys/gals!

Had a discussion I wanted to start. I’m a bit curious with the development speed of the project and the progress that is (at least from my perspective) to be seen.

The airdrop never happened, right? Marion has left? There are a lot of meetings going on and there are some hacker groups being sponsored - but still not many apps up and running - and certainly not any ‘OMG YES’ ones available.

Just wondering how much development speed is being planned for the future - because Ethereum 2 is coming, and that’s likely going to be a lot of noise that’ll blanket whatever AE will be doing then.

Or am I just being an impatient jerk? :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess it’d be rad to hear an overall status update from the leaders of the project and to find out about some awesome ‘future’ things to look forward to.

Thanks a bunch!


Hey @swift, thank you for starting this discussion.

The project is in great shape, the development speed has not slowed down and you’ll see the results very soon.

The airdrop has not happened yet, we’ll share more information about it as soon as possible.

Marion Vogel has left to pursue new endeavors but the Foundation is stable and working on full speed.

Indeed, the community is investing a lot of time and effort in organizing meetups and workshops because this is the most efficient way to attract developers to build on top of æternity. AE’s æmbassadors all around the world are educating computer scientists on how to use æternity’s features and tools. Several universities have already included æternity courses in their official curriculums.

I understand that you are impatient :slight_smile: 2020 will be the year of æpps - check out the update below that we just published:

And stay tuned for more!


Thank you for the update, @albena.chain !

Really hoping that the future is as bright as promised! :slight_smile:

Could you perchance give a bit more info on the superhero project? First I hear of it, obviously. On the top look it seems like a pretty radical and ingenious crowd-driven way to get AE a lot of publicity and use!

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Hey @swift, we’ll give more information about it shortly.

For now, you can subscribe to the waiting list and we’ll notify when you can test it :wink:


Good deal, will do! Thanks, @albena.chain !