Human DeFi Haeck - Resources

You can find the complete overview of educational materials we provided for the Human DeFi Haeck on:

This is a great resource for everyone getting started with developing æpps and creating their cool projects on the æternity protocol, so feel free to use it even if you are not participating at the hackathon! :v:

Here is an excerpt of the materials provided:


Hosted and auto-generated æternity Node API documentation

SDK Frontend APIs

JavaScript (recommended)

SDK documentation

æternal Backend API

æternal is a caching layer and API server for æternity. It is used to respond to queries faster than the node and to support queries that the node cannot support for efficiency reasons.

CLI - Command Line Client

Quickly test all of Aeternity’s blockchain features from your terminal, you can install and use our NodeJS CLI

Sophia Useful links


Examples on github

Code highlighting

Aestudio contract editor