Hyderabad meetup in india

Date: 02 NOV 2019
Number of Attendees: 25

Key points:

1: Interaction with the audience
2: A Word with the Starfleet participants
3: What potential does the Blockchain have in the upcoming world
4: What is AE in 60 secs
5: Dacade.org
6: State Channels and its use!

This meetup was organized at Red Bricks Coworking Space in Hyderabad city. The people who attended the meetup were of the age group 20-45 and had a basic knowledge of blockchain!

A gist of what aeternity is, was given by me at the beginning and then we pounced on the listening to the ideas of the Starfleet participants!

Every single idea presented there was amazing and it was really amazing to hear the concepts that were there!

There were some new comers for whom I decided to give a small introduction to blockchain and aeternity which I thought was needed by looking at their faces.

I concluded the meetup with dacade.org and it was something which was loved by all the people and everyone was convinced to take lectures online on dacade.org.

In short, the meetup was productive and all of the attendees learned something new about a very amazing blockchain platform, æternity.

All glory to God

And thanks to ætenity

Please leave a like and comment on how I can make myself better in doing the meetups and all feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Enjoy the pictures! :wink:


Cool meetup @ashishchawla.chain! :clap::clap:

Could you please give us some more insights about the ideas that were presented by the participants in Hyderabad?

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