Hyperchain presentation

Here are the slides of the hyperchain presentation from Tuesday’s workshops.

The presentation summarizes what hyperchains are about and what problems they are addressing.


The updated version is here F20596A4-DC5D-47A6-A54E-12EE6A206D9C.pdf (701.3 KB)

My comments:


  • PoW cons slide – would be nice to show some stats about centralization
  • the order of PoS problems should be imo: grinding, nothing and long range as this is the order of their obviousness
  • it would be nice to point out that stake grinding degrades PoS into PoW
  • point out that in PoS there is no cost of mining two forks in contrast to the PoW
  • “hyperchains avoiding problems of pos” – controlling 50% of the stake isn’t malicious at all


  • aeternity logo not vectorized
  • “what is consensus algorithm” slide – there should be a space before opening brackets
  • same slide as above – imo, “which chain should we trust”
  • same slide – 5 point could be a question as well
  • PoW slide – 5 point, “an attacker”
  • use dash “—” instead of minus “-” (good practice in general)
  • PoS problems to solve slide – 4 point, “an unpredictable”
  • “the current state of AE” – “gets”, not “get’s”
  • “Hyperchains basic idea” – 4 point, “to be considered for THE election” (missing “a” and “the” are kind of general issue here)
  • same slide – “are fed”
  • “hyperchains use cases” – consistent big letters, better footnotes

The presentation looks good. Fortunately it doesn’t need to be corrected with regard to the new findings about Hyperchain security.

I agree with Radek’s nontechnical comments, his technical comments are imo not highly important - If you fix them it would be nice but it’s not necessary.