Hyperchains Alpha

Don’t take pride in your development experience. Your pride makes the living space of AE smaller and smaller. The price is lower and lower, leave BINANCE and South Korea! Have you reflected on what’s wrong with you? Respect the market and pay attention to users. Good technology, no user is 0

Please be more accurate. Does hyperchain(pos) issue new coins or use $AE?

From my understanding, hyperchain is a method of constructing a chain, which can construct a new chain based on any chain, using AE’s code base.

After thinking about it, I have a new question, I hope the developers can help me answer it, thank you.
Does the chain based on hyperchain construction have all the functions of the AE main chain?
For example, I made a hyperchain based on BTC. In fact, I copied the code of AE, and then adjusted it based on my own needs to make a new chain. If the AE mainnet updates new functions later, then I can copy the functionality I need to my own chain again.
Not sure if my understanding is correct.

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Yes, it would.

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Hi, I took a look at the linked BTC solution of the STACKS Chain today. They are divided into two roles: miners and pledgers. Miners need to have an account on the BTC chain, and they can complete the transfer of the BTC chain and get the incentive of STX coins.
But according to your answer, I still don’t understand who pays the transfer fee on the parent chain in the design of HC. Can you tell me about the design considerations in this regard? I think everyone should be as curious as I am.
best regards

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Dear community,

Dimitar (our leading developer for HC) took a short vacation, so we don’t have any meaningful updates on the node front.

We’ve added the “observed validators history” view on the UI, where you can see how stake&balance changes over time. Now we’re working on the ability to stake and unstake


I am very interested in HC recently. Although I am not an engineer in blockchain, I still want to continue to share my thoughts:
Assuming that AE is linked to BTC through HC, and the leader election is achieved by bidding on AE, who should bear the tip of the transfer on BTC? This confuses me.
If the leader election is done by bidding for BTC, then tipping is no longer an issue, because if you want to be a leader, you have to have plenty of BTC, but that seems to make the parent chain more valuable.

The leaders would need to pay for the BTC transaction. They would also be required to run a BTC node additionally. They receive AE as part of the block reward and tx-fees for doing this work.

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Dear community,

we’re wrapping up an interface for staking via demo UI. We’ll release it by the end of the week.


how to use?

Dear community, we’re working on utilities around the demo UI needed to complete staking functionality.

We need to update wallet provider to support new protocol version dedicated tHC implementation.

Next in line is the Faucet.

Thank you for your patience!


any update?

Dear community, after a long wait, I’m happy to share our updates.

You can access HC Alpha nodes via a new url: https://testnet-hc.aeternity.io/v2/status

HC-specific Base app wallet was deployed under: https://base-hc.dev.aepps.com/
before creating a new account, make sure you’re connected to propper network:

To top up your account, you can use a new faucet: https://dev-faucet-hc.aepps.com/ The limit is 30AE daily.

The new version of Demo UI allows staking: https://hc-alpha.aepps.com/staking

Feel free to play around and let us know if you have any issues.

Thank you for waiting!



Super! Super!


We’ve hit a consensus bug in the HyperChains’ testnet. This is exactly the reason we have this testnet in the first place :slight_smile: it is really important catching those on testnets. For the time being, the network is paused: we need it in order to be able to debug the problem. We will keep you up to date.


Hi, I recently learned that the stacks blockchain is also doing research on hyperchains, and their purpose seems to be to layer the network through hyperchains to increase transaction speed.
Is this the same technical route as ae’s hyperchain? Can the two parties conduct technical exchanges to optimize technical functions?

Dear community,

We identified recent bug in the testnet, and we’re planning a new release with the fix.

We have started working on parent chain connectors, which will be our main focus in the upcoming weeks.


Hi, I have a new question. If the parent chain forks or the parent chain goes offline, what will be the impact on the child chain? After all, it’s all possible.
Looking forward to the developer’s answer, thank you

Or the parent chain delays producing blocks

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