[ROADMAP] aeternity roadmap & release schedule Q2-2022

The Aeternity Foundation (AF) supports the aeternity protocol and ecosystem.

The AF is giving funding grants for applications on the promotion of the success and growth of the aeternity ecosystem as well as the ae blockchain maintenance. Weekly detail reports on the progress of the developers can be found in the Active Grant Applications under the forum’s AF Grant Category.

Our goal remains the same: to make the aenode faster, better and lighter and the ae ecosystem more attractive for the users. The hyperchain network using the aenodes has been designed to attract the Aeternity enterprise customers and their users. On top of the faster aeternity network and hyperchain network the decentralized applications (dapps) can be run with higher performance and in a private context. Therefore, the whole aeternity ecosystem will perform with higher availability, scalability, security and performance.

Q1 2022 Recap

Short review of the tasks from Roadmap Q1 2022:

HyperChains Alpha test network is now up and running. It was made significant progress with the support of contract-based consensus. Regular reports on the progress can be found in the forum, see Hyperchains Alpha. The native GUI Launcher release was published, see the aegui. The technical part of MultiSig is done and can be accessed via multiple GitHub repositories: musig_cli, eaex3, ebip39, eaex10, emusig2.
The State Channels allow now forwarding requests of generic messages.
Improvements to node sync have been delivered. AeCanary received minor refactoring. The refactoring of the RocksDB plugin itself is nearly finished. It was a huge effort to refactor significant portions of the code and also to fixed some C++ bugs in the plugin itself.


Q2 2022 Roadmap

The node will be continuously improving and the focus will be kept on the HyperChains research, design and development.

Ongoing Important Tasks

  • AeCanary and all basic features/tools as dev mode, node modes, etc. in general will be continuously supported and improved. The tainted account feature will be released for aeCanary.
  • GUI Launcher
    The first release with the live native node compilation is available. New features will be added to make the tool even more attractive for the developers.
  • MultiSig
    The source code and documentation improvements are ongoing.
  • Rosetta API
    The implementation is ongoing and a good progress was made. The plan is to finish the remaining tasks in Q2.


The research on HyperChains Voting, Leadership, Difficulty, Connectors, Cost optimisation is ongoing. The development will progress in phases and wiil be tested heavily both in private and public testnets. In addition, it will require updating some of the tools and creating new ones in the ecosystem. The improvements to the Demo GUI will follow up continuously. Regular reports on the progress will be published.

Beam Sync

The initial work on a sync option was started with the aim to deliver a secure working new node within a few hours rather than days by first syncing key blocks and then fetching state on the fly.

RocksDB Refactoring

The remaining work is mainly about refactoring the core code to take full advantage of the new possibilities.
Once the RocksDD refactoring is merged, chain garbage-collection can be redesigned and extended, in order to significantly reduce the on-disk footprint of garbage-collected nodes.

Advanced State Channels

Develop the concept of State Channel markets, and perhaps other advanced State Channels use cases. This may involve improving the client-side experience.

The updates on the aeroadmap and the aerelease schedule will follow dynamically in this topic. The previous roadmap can be found on the AETERNITY ROADMAP Q1 2022.

You are welcome to contact us under the Email: [email protected]

Release 6.5.0

Release Date: June 13, 2022
Type: Maintenance, see forum post and release notes.

Release 6.5.1

Release Date: June 14, 2022
Type: Maintenance, a HTTP API bug fixing, see forum post and the release notes.

Release 0.0.0-hc7

Release Date: June 23, 2022
Type: HyperChains Test Release, see forum post.

You can watch the complete Ask Me Anything session about the Q2 Roadmap 2022 with the Core Devs @dimitar.chain @Sean1 and @fabiankrol on Youtube! Thanks for everyone who joined, it was a really good conversation and we discussed plenty of interesting use cases for Hyperchains. :bulb: